Thursday, April 5, 2012

Share IPA on private server using save as distribution option OR Create IPA using Enterprise Distribution Program (INHOUSE DISTRIBUTION)

    First you have to apply for iOS Developer Enterprise Program Click here
    Complete reference for enterprise distribution guide Click here
    OR After registration follow below steps

After done with Inhouse Distribution Certificate (as Shown in above figure) and app id creation process using Enterprise Distribution Credentials of your app on Apple Member Center.
Now you have to create IPA file with Enterprise Distribution option in  xcode (as shown in below picture).
But you have to fill  2 required field for creating ipa file with distribution option (as shown in below picture).

    1. Application URL: Fully qualified HTTP or HTTPS URL of the app(.ipa) file eg.
   3. Title:
Name of app

After filling these details, it create manifest file (xml format .plist file) along with IPA file. Now check apple instruction.

Apple Instruction:
Constructing your website

Upload these items to an area of your website that your authenticated users can access:

  • The app (.ipa) file
  • The manifest (.plist) file

Your website design can be as simple as a single page that links to the manifest file. When a user taps a web link, the manifest file is downloaded, which triggers the downloading and installation of the apps it describes.

Here’s a sample link:

<h1>Download IPA</h1>

<a href="itms-services://?action=download-manifest&url=
manifest.plist">Install App</a>

NOTE: Please dont change highlighted yellow text in above url. 
Don’t add a web link to the archived app (.ipa). It’s downloaded by the device when the manifest file is loaded. Although the protocol portion of the URL is itms-services, the iTunes Store isn’t involved in this process.

Setting server MIME types

You may need to configure your web server so that the manifest file and app file are transmitted correctly.

For Mac OS X Server, use Server Admin to add the following MIME types to the MIME Types settings:

application/octet-stream ipa

text/xml plist

For IIS, use IIS Manager to add the MIME type in the Properties page of the server:

.ipa application/octet-stream

.plist text/xml

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